The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure

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The audio version of The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure is a very special treat for anyone who is too busy to read the book or prefers listening to it. Sit back and relax as Chris Prentiss takes you through the breakthrough three-step process that he used to help his son become sober and stay sober. This is the same three-step process that Chris and Pax teach the clients at the Passages Addiction Treatment Center. Because Chris Prentiss is so invested in helping people get sober, he decided to read the book himself for this recording. You will be able to hear his passion come through your speakers as he takes you through the process.

The audio version of The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure  comes on 10 CDs. Total running time is 10 hours. These CDs are playable in any CD/DVD Player or computer.

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