That Was Zen, This Is Tao (Kindle Edition)

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From the author of the popular "Zen and the Art of Happiness"—an invaluable guide to the most important journey of your life.

The ancient sages spoke of "Tao" not only as the spiritual essence of All-That-Is but as the path of living in harmony with the universe, the "way" that leads to enlightenment. Although we may not yet know it, we are all on this path. Your life is the path.

In his new book, Chris Prentiss, acclaimed author of "Zen and the Art of Happiness," gently yet powerfully guides us through the profound truths and possibilities at the heart of the greatest journey of our lives. His bold and reassuring insights will open you as never before to the realities in which we truly live, keep you focused on what's most important, and empower you to navigate your challenges and opportunities fully aware, alive, and engaged.

You'll learn what "enlightenment" really means, your purpose for being here, and the real factors that shape your destiny moment by moment. You'll discover why painful and seemingly unfortunate events happen to us all, what actually keeps us from being happy and fulfilled, and how to avoid the pitfalls to spiritual progress. Finally, you'll explore how to create an ever-deepening connection with Tao to get the clarity and guidance you need in your life every day.

No matter what tradition you may follow, this precious and illumining work will strengthen and inspire you to walk your unique life path with more joy, purpose, and peace.

This edition is fully illustrated with color pictures that highlight the key concepts in every chapter.
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