The Little Book of Secrets: Gentle Wisdom for Joyful Living

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This rare collection of time-honored wisdom gently guides, inspires, and opens us to life as it is meant to be, even in its ups and downs—joyous, peaceful, and prosperous. Chris Prentiss spent 40 years searching for the world’s secrets that for thousands of years have brought people success, prosperity, and deep-down, soul-drenching happiness. The Little Book of Secrets: Gentle Wisdom for Joyful Living is the result of his quest. This delightful book shares 81 precious sayings distilled from the world’s ancient wisdom along with the author’s own perceptive comments. Both will help you find insight, peace, and guidance in our busy, modern world.

These elegant principles for enlightened living cover everything from creating enduring relationships to achieving a quiet and contented heart to the best way to face conflict, loss, and danger. “Following the path of the secrets,” says Chris Prentiss, “has brought me and others to whom I have revealed the secrets all the good things we most dearly cherish: true friendship, prosperity, peace, happiness, wonderful relationships with people we love, rewarding professions, and relationships with our children that are loving, truthful, and totally satisfying.” With its beautifully designed interior, The Little Book of Secrets makes a meaningful gift for any occasion. Small enough to fit into every backpack, pocketbook, and briefcase, it can become a well-loved friend and trusted companion as you travel along the twists and turns of life's journey.

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