I Ching Life: Becoming Your Authentic Self

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An insightful and empowering book that shows how to apply the unerring guidance of the I Ching to make decisions that are right for you, protect yourself from danger, and attain success in all areas of life.

Living in harmony with the ways of the Universe allows you to naturally express your authentic self. In this practical and insightful work, Wu Wei shows how you can live in harmony with the universal laws embodied in the I Ching so that your life will be filled with long-lasting good fortune and happiness.

Step by step, I Ching Life illustrates how to apply the profound and ancient wisdom of the I Ching to all areas of your life today—including business, relationships, health, wealth, children, work, recovery, and your personal goals—to enable you to achieve sublime success in all you do. You will discover how to flow with changing events so that anger, frustration, and despair disappear from your life.

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