A Tale of the I Ching: How the Book of Changes Began

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This magical tale takes us on an enchanted journey back in time to the origins of the I Ching in ancient China. A Tale of the I Ching tells the story of the young village ne'er-do-well, who becomes the first disciple of the great sage emperor Fu Hsi—the creator of the I Ching. As Fu Hsi opens the heart of the I Ching to the young student who sits at his feet, the inner workings of that great book of divination are revealed. Readers the world over say that the marvelous story of A Tale of the I Ching opens the I Ching to them as never before.
"Of all the stories you have heard of the great sage ruler, even though they were magnified a hundred times, none can do him the honor he deserves. Of all people, he is the most worthy, the most honorable, and the wisest. The wisdom of the world flows through him like a sparkling brook through the forest. When he speaks, time seems to cease." —from A Tale Of the I Ching

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